Simulations solves problems from the real world safely and effectively and Provides an important, predictable, informative and understandable analysis. In industry and discipline, simulations provide a good solution by providing a clear insight into the complex system . Simulation makes experiments on the authorized digital representation of the system. Unlike physically , such as creating a copy of building size, our simulation  are  computer base and uses algorithms and equations.Our simulation software provides a dynamic environment for computer model analysis while running, including  viewing in 2D or 3D in AR or VR form.

Simulation feature

Risk-free environment

Simulation  is a sure way to test and explore different hypothetical scenarios. The effect of changing plant staffing levels can be observed without jeopardizing production. Make the right decision before making any real changes.

Save money and time

Virtual experiments with simulation cost less and take less time than experiments with real assets. Marketing campaigns can be tested without alerting the competition or spending money unnecessarily.


Simulation can be animated in 2D / 3D so that concepts and ideas are more easily verified, communicated and understood. Analysts and engineers gain confidence in a model by seeing it in action and can clearly demonstrate findings to management.

Insight into dynamics

Unlike spreadsheet or solver-based analysis, simulation can observe the perception of system behavior at any level of detail. For example, check the warehouse storage space usage at any given date.

Increased accuracy

A simulation can capture much more detail than an analytical model, allowing for greater accuracy and more accurate prediction. Mining companies can significantly reduce their costs by optimizing asset utilization and knowing their future equipment needs

Handle uncertainty

Uncertainty at times of operation and result can easily be represented in simulation models, allowing for risk assessment and for more robust solutions. In logistics, a realistic image can be produced using simulations, including unexpected data, such as the charging timeout.

An example of medical simulation

Through our medical simulations, students, beginner surgeons, and doctors of medicine can improve their psychomotor skills, handle instruments, and self-confidence that is needed to perform advanced medical and surgical procedures.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a computer-generated 3D environment.

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Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is the projection of computer-generated images in the real world that you can interact with.

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